"I am mellowing out after a mornings work – my first 2 paying clients in Edinburgh! I can’t tell you what a high I’m on. That truly made me realise just how much I’ve learnt in your training these past few months, and for all that you taught me, I’ll always be truly grateful. I love working in my own space, at my own pace and feel so calm and confident – another thing you helped me with. The legacy of your training will stay with me always, both as a therapist and in the rest of my life too."
Mariota D (2011-12)

“Thank you so much for teaching me about massage, people and myself.”
Emma C (2011-12)

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools, confidence and enthusiasm needed to be the massage therapist I can be."
Patsy C (2010-11)

“The Training was such a nourishing and inspiring time. I am so glad I went for it. It has opened doors, doors, doors into that fascinating field of bodywork, but also doors to self-exploration and skills so important for everyday life – being grounded and present, ‘dropping down’ into yourself, trusting. It was great to observe how with time the massage skills of everyone unfolded. It’s such a joy to be able to do something that I really like, where I can give something of myself and keep learning. Every person is so unique, so massaging never gets boring.”
Hannah K (2010)

“I enjoyed the course immensely and hope to enjoy further studies in massage therapy in the future. Thank you for inspiration.”
Philip S (2008-09)

"I don’t even know what to write to thank you. It’s been a fantastic journey and a little oasis of heaven in my ‘year of chaos.”
Adrienne (2008-09)

“This course has been such an essential part of my healing. I cannot thank you enough – for having faith in me when I had so little in myself.”
Kate B (2007-8)

“Not only did the course cover the techniques of massage, and did this exceptionally well, but, perhaps more importantly, it also covered the spirit of holistic massage, a vital aspect of giving a worthwhile therapeutic experience to the client through massage. And I never expected to have so much fun!”
Alex E (2010)


“When I started the course I did not expect to enjoy it so much or learn so much about myself – or see how kind people are – that is down to you both.”
Ashley P (2010)

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge and for all your support and encouragement. For many reasons this Diploma is very special to me and the ‘journey’ has been both difficult and inspirational. You have confirmed there is another way to be in this world and for that I am truly grateful.”
Susan F (2008)

 “I just wanted to thank you once again for everything over the last 9 months. The education was not just academic and I value it so much. The love and support from yourself and Bavara was just amazing.”
Olwen (2010)


“It is such a privilege to be working somewhere so well reputed and alongside such experienced and highly regarded therapists. How did I get there? It is all thanks to you both. You have both been so kind and fantastic to train under. I am really enjoying working professionally, and I am now trying to focus on building up my clientele and becoming self employed etc.”
Fiona (2010)